Available Material

Just one, but it’s awesome.

Redefining Value

Projector Screen for the Masses.

1 Series Fixed

SI’s Sensation Series fixed projection screens add new meaning to the word value. Sensation offers a 3.25″ velvet wrapped aluminum frame with standard matte white screen material.

Easy Installation

With our step-by-step manual.

Let’s be honest, any time there is some assembly required on a piece of furniture or product you purchase, things tend to get hairy pretty quickly. Fortunately we understand this problem and have taken the time to carefully construct an assembly instruction brochure so that you might be spared from the all too familiar “wanting-to-punch-myself-in-the-face” feeling. We actually have detailed videos on the installation process for every single product which you can access via a PR scan code or our videos section. On top of this we also offer free support and live chat for anyone who might find themselves in a bind.