Available Materials

5 Series Zero Edge™ available materials.

Totally Custom

For those who like to be different.

Screen Customization

Available in custom screen sizes and configurations up to 150″, and sold for a price that is often less than 80″ or larger flat panel TVs, the combination of a Zero Edge™ screen and projector can deliver significantly more value per square inch than flat panel TVs.


Because everyone likes curves.

Zero Edge Curve

For some people a curved screen can bring you an even greater sense of immersion when watching movies. The slight curvature of the screen gives the impression of the image wrapping around you, involving you in the action to an even greater degree. The opposite view is that a flat screen is more like a window into the movie. Either viewpoint is valid and “best” is up to you.

SMPTE Screen Color Chart

Color Perfection

Actually, it’s beyond perfection.

Let’s face it, color preservation is one of the most important aspects to consider when deciding which screen material to buy. We have developed a wide arrange and assortment of different materials that help to preserve the color and contrast provided by the projector. Whether the material of choice is Slate™, Pure™, Black Diamond™, or any of our other award-winning materials you can rest assured that you have purchased the best that money can buy.

Zero Edge™

Take an edge off.

7 Series Zero Edge Suspended

At SI, we aren’t happy with mediocre. When it comes to building a product, we strive for the absolute best that money can buy. With Zero Edge™, we have achieved just that. Zero Edge™ takes your viewing experience to a whole new level, by removing the traditional thick-fixed frame bevel, giving you quite literally, Zero Edge™. Instead of restricting your viewing experience to a theater room, you can now step out of the dark and enjoy your award winning screen in any environment. Zero Edge™ is sexy and sure to enhance any room or environment where it is placed.

Zero Edge LEDs


Why not?

Our slender new frame design allows us to integrate a built-in track system, enabling the use of LED lighting behind the screen. You haven’t seen a screen until you’ve seen Zero Edge™ with LED lighting. It is truly incredible, and will complement fully the design and decor of any environment. No assembly is required; simply unpack and hang the screen.