• Slate
Projector Types All
Gain 1.2
Half Gain 50
Min Throw Distance 1.5 X Image Width
Color Gunmetal
Ambient Light Resistance Good
Edge Blend No
3D Active
Resolution > 4K
Opacity 100%
Size 12' X 330' / Larger Seamed
Formats Fixed, Motorized
Hot Spot Low
Texture No
Clean Microfiber
Transport 3in Rolled Core

Black Diamond vs Slate vs Matte White

Seven years ago, Screen Innovations (SI) created the Black Diamond™ ambient light rejection screen to resolve a serious projection dilemma – the inability to use two piece projection in high ambient light rooms. It’s since become the standard for use in bright rooms and is used by all major projector manufacturers. Black Diamond™ is widely accepted as the best ambient light screen money can buy.

Made in the USA, Slate™ is a flexible multi-particle optical screen offered in standard sizes up to 200” 16:9; larger sizes are available on request. Slate™ is available in Motorized, Zero Edge™, and Fixed Frame screen formats.


What can I do with it?

Until now, the only available screen options were Black Diamond™, white, or gray screens. If customers can’t afford Black Diamond™ they were left in the dark, literally. SI has always seen the void created when someone wanted the best, but couldn’t afford Black Diamond™. As a result (and after two years of R&D and hundreds of failures) Slate™ was developed as the new standard in screen technology for the masses. Slate™ replaces the need to settle for a substandard screen in a family room setting, by rejecting 65% of the room’s ambient light vs. only <10% light rejection with a white or gray screen. Slate™ provides the missing link as an affordable solution for the price-conscious consumer. “We are very excited to give all people the best screen technology regardless of your budget”–Ryan Gustafson, SI President.