Black Diamond

The World’s First Ambient Light Rejecting Screen

Not everyone wants to retreat to a darkened room to enjoy watching the game, or playing games with friends and family. We solved this problem in 2008 when we released Black Diamond®, the first (and still the only) optical screen that rejects ambient light from above, below, and on both sides.

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900% Better Contrast

As published by S&V magazine, Black Diamond measured a 900% increase in contrast over standard matte white or gray screens. Results like that are only possible thanks to 9 layers of optical filters which reject 85% of ambient light in the room.

Dark Room Enhancement

The same optical filters that reject ambient light from above, below and on the sides of Black Diamond also function to eliminate reflected light from spilling back onto the walls, ceiling, and floor. Not only does this create a more immersive dark room experience, but eliminates the need for blacking out these adjacent walls.
Build Yours Today

Build Yours Today

Black Diamond is available on the following products in custom aspect ratios and dimensions. Get help buying from one of our authorized dealers.

Zero Edge Pro
7 Zero Edge


Black Diamond .8

Black Diamond 1.4
Black Diamond XL
Max Width1800″
Max Height59″
Max Diagonal*120″
Half Gain29°36°35°
Minimum Throw1.5 x Image Width1.5 x Image Width1.5 x Image Width
Projection TypeFront OnlyFront OnlyFront Only

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