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  • BD™ Rear-Pro Film 1.4
  • BD™ Rear-Pro Film .8
Black Diamond Rear-Pro Film 1.4
BD™ Rear-Pro Film 1.4
Black Diamond Rear-Pro Film .8
BD™ Rear-Pro Film .8
Projector Types AllAll
Gain 1.4.8
Half Gain 5550
Min Throw Distance 1.5 X Image Width1.5 X Image Width
Color Dark GrayBlack
Ambient Light Resistance ExcellentExcellent
Edge Blend Properties NoNo
3D ActiveActive
Resolution > 4K> 4K
Opacity N/AN/A
Size 60in X 99'60in X 99'
Formats Film w/AdhesiveFilm w/Adhesive
Hot Spot LowLow
Texture LowLow
Clean MicrofiberMicrofiber
Transport 2in Core or Rigid2in Core or Rigid

Introducing Black Diamond™ Rear-Pro Film, the coolest new display technology to hit the commercial and residential markets. BD™ RP is a diffusion rear projection film that can be applied to any transparent surface to create dynamic digital displays. Black Diamond™ Film encompasses a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive ad release liner for easy application. Black Diamond™ Rear-Pro has unmatched light rejection creating contrast levels ideal for retail and in-window displays, exhibits and trade shows, corporate lobbies, board rooms, houses of worship and even home theater.

Black Diamond Rear-Pro .8


It’s not just for cameras anymore.

Black Diamond™ Film can be utilized for vast commercial applications, retail stores, restaurants and bars, event centers, houses of worship, digital signage and more. The options and opportunities that Black Diamond™ Rear-Pro Film delivers are virtually limitless.


Rear-Pro’s Curve.

Black Diamond™ Rear-Pro can be ordered pre-laminated to acrylic or polycarbonate giving you the perfect cylinder and eliminating the compound curve most flexible screens inherit. Semirigid is popular in simulation command & control, where edge blending needs a perfectly symmetrical viewing surface.

Semirigid rear pro film
BD Rear-Pro Glass Frame


For any application.

Black Diamond™ Rear-Pro comes with a multitude of different framing options based on the application.