Completely Custom

For superior diversity and versatility.

Custom Flight Simulator Screen

Our new X Series Fixed screens are the most diverse and versatile custom screens on the market. Rigid, simi-rigid, flexible, flat, curved, or circular, you name it we can engineer it. More importantly, you can now spec any custom Venue Fixed Screen and get a drawing in seconds with our new X Series Fixed Calculator!

Custom Curve

Just the way you like it.

Custom Curved Projection Screen

Custom curve your Venue Fixed any way you want. Do multiple curves, a circle, you name it. The possibilities are endless when you choose an X Series Fixed custom screen from Screen Innovations. Check out our X Fixed Calculator to see how many different options there are!

Custom Frames

Rigid, Semi-Rigid, and Flexible.

We offer framed options for rigid, simi-rigid, and flexible screen formats. Unframed options are available for both rigid and simi-rigid screen formats. See the Venue Fixed Calculator to get the custom cad drawings.

X Series Fixed Flexible Mount

Flexible Mount

X Series Fixed is available with a flexible mount. This gives you the capability of creating custom curved screens such as simulation systems or other screens that curve to a specified design.

X Series Fixed Rigid Mount

Rigid Mount

X Series Fixed is also available with a rigid mount. Our rigid mounting system allows the consumer to mount their screen in virtually any place in any direction, and any orientation. The possibilities are endless.