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Available Materials

Why have one when you can have three?

Two Mounting Options

To suit your fancy.

Black Diamond Motorized External

External Mount (white / black)

Black Diamond™ Motorized is also available as an external self-contained unit. The same sleek and unique rollup design but mounted externally. Available in black or white with a curved front fascia.

Black Diamond Motorized Flush Mount

Flush Mount / Trap Door

Black Diamond™ Motorized is available in a flush mount trap door system allowing the screen to completely disappear into the ceiling. BDM can be completely hidden in any environment.

A Floating Image

Because levitating is awesome.

Black Diamond Motorized

Patent Pending – Designed to be the first levitating TV that “floats” an image in thin air and virtually disappears into the environment’s existing décor, Black Diamond™ Motorized is a new sleek and sexy motorized screen solution. Consisting of a slender, cable-hung, motorized cassette, Black Diamond™ Motorized drops a small tube from the ceiling hanging only by thin aircraft cables. The tube then stops at a preset location and rolls the material down, into place. When powered off, the screen rolls from the bottom up using custom helixes and silently disappears back out of sight, leaving barely a trace of its existence. Featuring industry-leading Black Diamond ambient light rejection technology that reduces measured light scatter by over 75%, Black Diamond™ absorbs all unwanted ambient light in bright environments and dramatically increases viewer immersion in dark environments. In fact, unlike flat panel TVs, Black Diamond™ delivers zero glare and reflection when used in a bright environment.

Super Sleek

And unlike any other product.

Black Diamond Motorized Helix

Black Diamond™ Motorized screens utilize custom engineered helixes enabling the viewing surface to roll from the bottom up for a presentation unlike any other design. The screen deployment and retraction process while fascinating to watch was designed to provide a very flat surface for a superior viewing experience.